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New (old) paper: Destinations Similarity Based on User Generated Pictures’ Tags

[This is post number 1 of the "2012 publications" series. Read here if you want to know more about this]

I have posted a new publication in the Research page:

Alessandro Inversini, Davide Eynard, Leonardo Gentile, and Marchiori Elena (2012). Destinations Similarity Based on User Generated Pictures' Tags.

"Pictures about tourism destinations are part of the contents shared online through social media
by travelers. Additional picture information, such as geo-tags and user description of a place,
can be used to create groups of similar destinations. This paper investigates the possibility of
defining destination similarities based on implicit information already shared on the Web. was used as a case study as it represents the most popular picture sharing website.
Results show the possibility to group similar destinations based on visual components,
represented by the contents of the pictures, and the related tag descriptions".

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2012 publications series

I have recently attended the "Promoting your academic profile on the Web" at USI. It was a good workshop (thanks Lorenzo and Nadzeya!) and allowed me to get an idea about how well I am communicating who I am and what I do to the world. As you might know already, I think this is pretty important if your aim is to make your research (or in general your work) open and accessible to everyone.

The introspection that followed the workshop made me realize how often I put doing stuff before communicating it. I mean, of course I do that when I publish a paper, but too often I do not let others know that the paper I wrote exists! For instance, I realized that as of today I had not updated my publication list with any of the work published in 2012... D'oh :-)

For this reason I have decided not only to update that list, but also to write one post for each new paper, making the abstract and additional material available. In this post, instead, I will keep an updated list of links to this year's publications, so you can just watch this page and see when something new has been posted.

2012 publication series:

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