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New paper: Harvesting User Generated Picture Metadata To Understand Destination Similarity

[This is post number 4 of the "2012 publications" series. Read here if you want to know more about this]

I have posted a new publication in the Research page:

Alessandro Inversini, Davide Eynard. Harvesting User Generated Picture Metadata To Understand Destination Similarity.

This is an extension of a previous work for the Journal of Information Technology & Tourism, providing additional and updated information gathered with new user surveys.

"Pictures about tourism destinations are part of the contents shared online through social media by travelers. User-generated pictures shared in social networks carry additional information such as geotags and user descriptions of places that can be used to identify groups of similar destinations. This article investigates the possibility of defining destination similarities relying on implicit information already shared on the Web. Additionally, the possibility of recommending one city on the basis of a given set of pictures is explored. Flickr. com was used as a case study as it represents the most popular picture sharing website. The results indicate that it is possible to group similar destinations according to picture-related information, and recommending destinations without requiring users' profiles or sets of explicit preferences.".


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