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New (old) paper: Finding similar destinations with Flickr Geotags

[This is post number 3 of the "2012 publications" series. Read here if you want to know more about this]

I have posted a new publication in the Research page:

Davide Eynard, Alessandro Inversini, and Leonardo Gentile (2012). Finding similar destinations with Flickr Geotags.

"The amount of geo-referenced information on the Web is increasing thanks to the large availability of location-aware mobile devices and map interfaces. In particular, in photo
collections like Flickr the coexistence of geographic metadata and text-based annotations (tags) can be exploited to infer new, useful information. This paper introduces a novel method to generate place profiles as vectors of user-provided tags from Flickr geo-referenced photos. These profiles can then be used to measure place similarity in terms of the distance between their matching vectors. A Web-based prototype has been implemented and used to analyze two distinct Flickr datasets, related to a chosen set of top tourism destinations. The system has been evaluated by real users with an online survey. Results show that our method is suitable to define similar destinations. Moreover, according to users, enriching place description with information from user activities provided better similarities".

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