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Statistical learning with R: 2019 edition

Here are the homeworks for the Machine Learning course, 2019 edition. If you have not played with R yet, the notes I have attached to the introductory Lab might be of help.

If you attended the class, you probably know what to do with the next posts. After you have ran each demo, answer the questions provided in the demo itself. Add whatever is necessary (screenshots, code, text, links) to motivate your answers and convince me you actually ran the demos and understood their contents. Finally send me everything in a pdf file.

As some of the scripts look for data in the current directory, first of all change the working directory to the one of the source files. To run each demo, just open the R file you will find in each post with the source command in R, for example:

source("./demofilename.R", print.eval = TRUE)

You can find the package containing all of the source and data files you need for your homework here. Remember that while you will not be asked to add much new code to the demos, you should at least be able to understand what the existing code does and modify some parameters to produce different results.


Another year passed

Dear +friend,

fortunately, from time to time, your words come back to me:

"There's no state of sadness that cannot be cured with some good prosciutto crudo"

... still, I miss you a lot.


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Alive and kickin

Yes, I know, I should update this website more often. But I've been quite busy lately with... erm... stuff :-)

What did I do?

  • in June, I participated to ESWC2007 and presented my poster at the Phd Symposium (paper here, poster here)
  • from June, 15th to September, 15th I've been a summer intern at HP Labs, Palo Alto. It's been a great experience and after three months of work I came up with a nice project (and now that Google has opened IMAP access my app is automatically compatible with zillions of email accounts!)
  • in September another poster presentation with my name on it came out. Well, I have to be honest: my ex-student (and now coworker) David Laniado did that work for his Master Thesis... but some (I believe good) ideas actually came from me ;-)
  • currently I'm working on my minor research project (which is about performances of Intrusion Detection Systems and ways to exploit them to do IDS evasion) and on lots of completely unuseful bureaucratic paperwork for my end-of-year evaluation.

Well, of course there is something else, but I won't write everything in just one post, right? ;-)

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