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Internet Technology


The course deals with the main concepts regarding the Internet as an aggregate of different technologies, with a particular attention to the Web and its continuous evolution. Its main objective is to provide the students with the competence and the tools to understand and leverage these technologies for their own projects.
The course presents the following topics: basics about the Internet (networks, protocols, standards and applications), the Web of documents or Web1.0, using search engines and communities of practice to find information on the Internet, the Social Web or Web2.0, collective intelligence and ways to exploit it (folksonomies, recommendation systems, data mining techniques), the Semantic Web or Web3.0, and the future of the Web.
Student will be evaluated on the basis of assignments and of a written exam. The study material consists of the lecturer´s slides, on-line papers, manuals, and tutorials.

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The following are last minute news you should always be aware of ;-)

  • 20/10/2010: The date for the final exam is January, 20th, 2011 (at 8:30 AM). The deadline for the papers is one week earlier, on Jan, 13th, 2011.
  • 12/10/2010: The lesson planned for October, 27th has been moved to October, 19th, at 3:30PM, room 150.

Slides and material

  • Lesson 1: Introduction (slides)
  • Lesson 2: Internet != Web (slides)
  • Lesson 3: Web 1.0 (part 1) (slides)
  • Lesson 4: Web 1.0 (part 2) (slides)
  • Lesson 5: Digital Rights (slides)
  • Lesson 6: Web 2.0 (part 1) (slides)
  • Lesson 7: Web 2.0 (part 2) (slides)
  • Lesson 8: Web 2.0 (part 3) (slides)
  • Lesson 9: Web Search (slides)
  • Lesson 10: Semantic Web and RDF (slides)
  • Lesson 11: RDFS and SPARQL (slides)
  • Lesson 12: Reasoning (slides)
  • Lesson 13: Security basics (slides)