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New paper: Exploiting tag similarities to discover synonyms and homonyms in folksonomies

[This is post number 5 of the "2012 publications" series. Read here if you want to know more about this]

I have posted a new publication in the Research page:

Davide Eynard, Luca Mazzola, and Antonina Dattolo. Exploiting tag similarities to discover synonyms and homonyms in folksonomies.

"Tag-based systems are widely available thanks to their intrinsic advantages, such as self-organization, currency, and ease of use. Although they represent a precious source of semantic metadata, their utility is still limited. The inherent lexical ambiguities of tags strongly affect the extraction of structured knowledge and the quality of tag-based recommendation systems. In this paper, we propose a methodology for the analysis of tag-based systems, addressing tag synonymy and homonymy at the same time in a holistic approach: in more detail, we exploit a tripartite graph to reduce the problem of synonyms and homonyms; we apply a customized version of Tag Context Similarity to detect them, overcoming the limitations of current similarity metrics; finally, we propose the application of an overlapping clustering algorithm to detect contexts and homonymies, then evaluate its performances, and introduce a methodology for the interpretation of its results."

The editor (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.) requested not to directly make the paper available online. However I have "the personal right to send or transmit individual copies of this PDF to colleagues upon their specific request provided no fee is charged, and further-provided that there is no systematic distribution of the Contribution, e.g. posting on a listserv, website or automated delivery." So, just drop me an email if you want to read it and I will send it to you (in a non-systematic way ;-))