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New “hacks” series

It all started last winter, when a couple of old friends asked me if I wanted to help in writing articles for an Italian magazine. The zine was targeted at young people willing to learn something more about what is going on inside their computer: some would call them wannabe hackers, I'd prefer to think about them as potential reversers ;-)

Why did I accept this work? The reasons are many, including the deep respect I have for these friends, some nostalgia of good old times, the fact that the magazine has no ads, and finally the right to redistribute my articles online.So here they are, a collection of introductory texts that I hope will be useful for someone. If you are already an expert you will probably find nothing interesting here, but I like to think that few people really are as expert as they think.. ;)

So, how does it work? Well, I don't have much time so I usually write a very short article each month. The original article is always in Italian, so I have to translate it (any help is more than welcome!). I already have a buffer long enough to keep you busy for a while, so here is my plan: one article every other Sunday for some months, then we'll see (yeah, this does not sound like a very detailed plan :)).

Shall we start?

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