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Perl Hacks: K-Means

Well, this probably isn't a best-selling app, but it might be useful for some who, like me, have to explain how k-means clustering algorithm works or to prepare exercises about it. Also, this works as an example on how to embed latex formulas inside images with Perl: the script actually draws the plane (with points and centroids) inside an image, then generates latex formulas which describe the algorithm evolution, compiles them into images with tex2im and embeds them inside the main picture. The final output is made of many different pictures, one for each step of the algorithm, similar to the following one:

Kmeans screenshot 01

Of course, the script is still far from perfect but (again, of course) the source code is provided so you can change/correct/ameliorate it. To run it you will also need text2im, which is downloadable here (a big THANK YOU to Andreas Reigber who created this nice shell script), and of course latex stuff.

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