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Perl Hacks: more sudokus

Hi all,

incredibly, I got messages asking for more sudokus: aren't you satisfied with the ones harvested from Daily Sudoku? Well... once a script like SukaSudoku is ready, the only work that has to be done is to create a new wrapper for another website! Let's take, for instance, Number Logic site: here's a new perl script which inherits most of its code from SukaSudoku and extracts information from Number Logic. Just copy it over the old "" file and double the number of sudokus to play with.


Perl Hacks: quotiki bot

I like quotiki. I like fortunes. Why not make a bot which downloads a random quote from quotiki and shows it on my computer? Here's a little perl bot which does exactly this. It's very short and easy, so I guess this could be a good starting point for beginners.
And, by the way:

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
-- Mark Twain