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Perl Hacks: Google search

I'm at page 14 inside Google results for the search string "perl hacks". Well, at least in which is where I'm automatically redirected...

Who bothers? Well, not even me, I was just curious about it. How did I do it? Well, of course automatically with a perl bot!

Here it is. You call it passing two parameters from the command line: the first one is the search string (ie. "\"perl hacks\""), the second one is (part of) the title of the page (ie. "mala::home"). Then the program connects to Google, searches for the search string and then finds at which page the second string occurs.

Probably someone noticed the filename ends with "02". Is there a "01" out there too? Of course there is: it's a very similar version which doesn't search only inside titles but also in the whole snippet of text related to the search result. Less precise, but a little more flexible.

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