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Perl Hacks: SukaSudoku!

Hi everybody :)

As I decided to post one "perl hack" each week, and as after two posts I lost my inspiration, I've decided to recycle an old project which hasn't been officially published yet. Its name is sukasudoku, and as the name implies it sucks sudokus from a website ( and saves them on your disk.


Hah! It doesn't just "save them on your disk", but creates a nice book in PDF with all the sudokus it has downloaded. Then you can print the book, bind it and either play your beloved sudokus wherever you want or give it to your beloved ones as a beautiful, zero-cost Xmas gift.
Of course, the version I publish here is limited just to avoid having every script kiddie download the full archive without efforts. But you have the source, and you have the knowledge. So what's the problem?

The source file is here for online viewing, but to have a working version you should download the full package. In the package you will find:

  • book and clean, two shell scripts to create the book from the LaTeX source (note: of course, you need latex installed in your system to make it work!) and to remove all the junk files from the current dir
  • sudoku.sty, the LaTeX package used to create sudoku grids
  •, the main script
  • tpl_sudoku.tex, the template that will be used to create the latex document containing sudokus
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