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One year of updates

If you know me, you also probably know I sometimes disappear for months and then come back saying "I'm still alive, these are the latest news, from now on you'll receive more regular updates".

Well, this time it's different: I'm still alive, I've got (even too) many news to tell you, but I cannot assure you there will be regular updates. This is due to one of the most important pieces of news I've got to tell you.

Almost one year ago (to be more precise, 10 months and one day ago) I have become a father. This is the best thing that ever happened into my life, and the greatest thing is that it is going to last for a while ;-) Of course life has changed, sometimes becoming better and sometimes worse... but after I got accustomed to it I must say it's ok now ;-) Of course I think you NEVER get accustomed to it, but at least you realize it and start to live with it: it is something like knowing you do not know, you just get accustomed to the fact there's no way to get accustomed to almost anything anymore, as things will always, continuously change. Which is always good news for me.

Ok, nothing really technical here, but I hope that the few readers I have will be happy to know the good news. Other good ones (if you are more interested in the technical updates) are that I haven't been still and I actually have some things to tell you. Of course these require time, so if you are not patient enough to wait for my next update just send me an email (or call me, or invite me for a talk) and we can talk about this in person.

Take care :-)

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