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SquirrelRDF-IMAP is out!

At last, SquirrelRDF-IMAP code is available!

  • check it out from the SVN repository into Eclipse:
svn co
  • add Jena libs to the project's build path (I tested Jena 2.5.6 and it works fine)
  • the class to run is, a very very simple app which loads a ready made SPARQL query and sends a request to a gmail account I had set up for tests
  • inside "examples" you can find the file imap_map.n3 which contains the configuration. From here you can set up access to your own email accounts or the way mapping is done between my dummy email ontology and IMAP requests. In the "queries" directory you can find some example queries.

The tool is still very rudimental but I think it already gives an idea about some of the potentialities of querying mailboxes with SPARQL, meshing up data from different sources etc. If you are interested in the details there's also a techreport about this work here.

A big... well, HUGE thanks to Damian Steer who allowed me to integrate the IMAP plugin code into the official SquirrelRDF trunk!

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  1. Just a little update: if you now try to checkout the code now, you should be warned that the repository has been temporarily moved elsewhere. The new address follows:

    NOTE: the SquirrelRDF 0.1 file that you find on the Jena project download page is outdated. You need to use SVN to get the latest version!

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