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New paper: An integrated approach to discover tag semantics

Antonina Dattolo, Davide Eynard, and Luca Mazzola. An Integrated Approach to Discover Tag Semantics. 26th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, vol. 1, pp. 814-820. Taichung, Taiwan, March 2011. From the abstract:

"Tag-based systems have become very common for online classification thanks to their intrinsic advantages such as self-organization and rapid evolution. However, they are still affected by some issues that limit their utility, mainly due to the inherent ambiguity in the semantics of tags. Synonyms, homonyms, and polysemous words, while not harmful for the casual user, strongly affect the quality of search results and the performances of tag-based recommendation systems. In this paper we rely on the concept of tag relatedness in order to study small groups of similar tags and detect relationships between them. This approach is grounded on a model that builds upon an edge-colored multigraph of users, tags, and resources. To put our thoughts in practice, we present a modular and extensible framework of analysis for discovering synonyms, homonyms and hierarchical relationships amongst sets of tags. Some initial results of its application to the delicious database are presented, showing that such an approach could be useful to solve some of the well known problems of folksonomies".

Paper is available here. Enjoy! ;)


Harvesting Online Content: An Analysis of Hotel Review Websites

A new paper is out:

Marchiori, E., Eynard, D., Inversini, A., Cantoni, L., Cerretti, F. (2011) Harvesting Online Content: An Analysis of Hotel Review Websites. In R. Law, M. Fuchs & Francesco Ricci (Eds.), Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2011 – Proceedings of the International Conference in Innsbruck, Austria (pp. 101-112). Wien: Springer.

Find the paper here ;)

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