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Hi! This is the wiki for the Internet Technology class at Università della Svizzera Italiana.


Class info

To find out more information about this class, check here and here

Using this wiki

This wiki has different purposes:

  1. foster discussion between students and teacher about the contents of the Internet Technology class. If you want to discuss class contents, if something was not clear about some lessons or about your assignment, please use this Talk page. If you do not know what a Talk page is, or anyway if you are planning to edit it, read first the Talk pages help and especially its "Editing conventions on talk pages" section;
  2. be a repository of previous (and current!) essays given as final assignments for this class. If you want to contribute to this wiki with your contents (well, you sure do, as your assignment needs to be written inside this wiki!), click here to login/register yourself inside the system;
  3. be a sandbox where you student can experiment using a wiki (I know you should already have learned how to use it, but a little more practice can only be useful for you ;-))

Final assignment

  • click here to get more information about the final assignment;
  • I have prepared a list of possible topics you might use as an inspiration for your work: you can find them here.

Students' Essays

  • This page contains the list of essays for academic year 2010-2011.
  • This page contains the list of essays for academic year 2011-2012.


If you have problems using this wiki, read the Mediawiki FAQ or the Editing Help. If the system behaves in a weird way for unknown reasons, send me a mail at davide.eynard(at)usi(dot)ch.

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